Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Lose Friends - Plus Who I'll be Pitching to in Austin

Went to see How to Lose Friends And Alienate People today - not half bad. Much funnier than the trailer would make you think and not deserving of a lot of the poor reviews it's received. Simon Pegg's dancing has to be seen to be believed and Miriam Margoyles is brilliant as his landlady. It doesn't have as much bite as it could have had but all in all a good time at the cinema and worth the price of a ticket.

I got an email from the Austin Film Festival yesterday giving me a list of eight two-person panels that I could be pitching my movie to. I had to choose my top three choices and send them back - top of the list had to be Terry Rossio, not just because he's co-written the Pirates trilogy and Shrek but but because he penned Small Soldiers, an underrated gem. Also in my top three was Mark Vahradian (produced Transformers) and Lauren Levy (Miramax executive). I can't wait to see who I get to pitch to!

I've written three feature-length movies, but they're all set in Ireland. So for this pitch I have to choose between two films I only have treatments for. They are: a comedy horror set in Maine (think an updated version of the Cat and the Canary) and an adventure thriller set in Central Asia (sort of The Last King of Scotland meets Romancing the Stone). And I only have 13 days to decide which one to pitch - and practice.....

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