Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to winter...

Back in Ireland and it is freezing! Thought NY was cold until we got off the plane in Dublin and it was 4 degrees. I was so cold when I got to New York from Austin (by comparison!) that I bought a puffa jacket which is getting a lot of use now.

IFTN have published my diary piece, which gives the main lowdown on what happened in Austin. I'm definitely heading back to Austin next year - by then I plan to have entered The Heartstoppers in the AFF screenwriting competition and hopefully have got somewhere with getting one of my films made over here.

On that, I had some good news this week. A director may be interested in making my film Summer Tide! I'll post more news on this as I have it: it's really early days but I'm excited about it nonetheless. Fingers crossed!

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