Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas presents and upcoming movies

Two flicks I can't wait to see are Four Christmases and Twilight. Four Christmases because I first read of the premise for this film in Blake Snyder's brilliant Save the Cat book and thought it was such a great idea: a newly-married couple have to spend part of Christmas day with each of their divorced parents (so four Christmases in one day). Let's hope they haven't dropped the ball in executing it and ruined what promises to be the sort of funny Xmas movie we can all identify with.

Twilight I have to see simply because the teenage girls' reaction to star Robert Pattinson appearing at the Austin Film Festival was so insane that I have to see what the fuss is about. I didn't think he was fantastic in How to Be, the film actually showing at the festival, so am curious to see what he'll be like in Twilight.

It's based on a novel (which I haven't read yet), which brings me neatly onto my tip for Christmas presents: buy novels that are about to be made into films next year. It can be person/age appropriate, i.e. get children's books for the kiddies, something like Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane for people who like thrillers etc. That way, when the films come out in the theatre, they can be all smug and say "Well, of course I've read that already". It's a no-brainer: people love being ahead of the pack....

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