Saturday, November 1, 2008

The name is....

I've been dying to see Quantum of Solace for ages and finally got the chance tonight.

It's not the most fun Bond movie that's ever been but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I loved the way they updated Bond in the sense that it's now a much more uncertain world. He doesn't necessarily defeat the villain (or at least not in the way you would think), he doesn't get as much bedroom action as he used to - and as for saving the world, in this one it's more Bond versus global warming than Bond versus some Blofeld-type villain. And all the better for it!

The stunts are amazing: maybe not as amazing as Casino Royale with the cool free-running sequence but pretty damn good. There are some nice touches - one of my cinema accomplices pointed out a sweet little stunt where Daniel Craig walks nonchalently along a thin parapet. Hard to imagine Roger Moore managing that one!

As for the villain, well the real villain is the super-secretive Quantum organisation but as its human face in the movie, Mathieu Amalric is utterly malevolent. I don't know whether I was more freaked out by his cold eyes or the fact that he looks really like a younger version of Roman Polanski.

Bond 21 - check it out.

In other news, no need to ask anymore whatever happened to Corey Haim because he's back! Pictures from the set of Crank 2 show Corey getting his ass kicked by the female star Amy Smart (see here). Corey, it's good to have you back - next let's see you in a movie I will actually pay to see...

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