Friday, November 7, 2008

Two films, one stinker.

A quiet-ish week - saw Burn After Reading and Easy Virtue. One was a complete disappointment and the other was a nice surprise. And not the one you'd think!

Burn After Reading was actually a disaster. I've rarely been so disappointed by a film: the weird thing is that this means the Coen Brothers have now made my favorite film of the last year AND my least favorite. They managed to write a script in this case with not one likeable character, and wasted the talents of Malkovich, Clooney et al. I'm not saying every film has a have a "save the cat" type moment, but if you don't see any reason to like the main character after 30 minutes have passed, then the film-makers have lost you. It was a same problem with Eagle Eye - Shia La Boeuf did his best to make his character someone you would root for, but he was saddled with playing a guy who cheats his friends out of money, owes his landlady rent, whines at his dad and has a twin complex. Suck it up!

If you want to see properly written characters and some great performances, go to Easy Virtue instead. I've never been sure about Jessica Biel's acting ability but she was excellent as the flashy Larita and has the film's best line (about her in-law's draughty English mansion), "I can't live here. Nothing can".

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