Thursday, January 22, 2009

An update on my list of (great) upcoming movies

I've been writing this blog for 4 months now and looking back over my previous stuff I see that I was looking forward in particular to ten upcoming films. Some I've seen, some haven't been released yet. Some of the ones I have seen were okay (Quantum of Solace, W) and some were butt-clenchingly awful (I'm thinking of Bride Wars, Burn After Reading and Eagle Eye - three vats of "I can't believe I paid to watch this" disappointment). Bride Wars actually made me ashamed of my gender - three days after seeing it I'm still angry about how it portrays women in general as a shallow, bird-brained bunch of harpies.

Anyway, enough of the past and more of the future. Here are the 10 movies I'm most looking forward to in 2009:
1. Revolutionary Road – nearly here! The trailer looks great, the Fifties detail amazing and the acting outstanding. Let's hope it's not in the vat of disappointment category four months from now.
2. Jennifer’s Body – sounds insane but highly entertaining. I still really want to see this and it's not out til next autumn! Grrr.
3. Watchmen - my gut feeling is that this is going to be either a work of genius or a complete disaster - nothing in between.
4. Terminator Salvation - This always seemed like a logical thing to do: fleshing out the futuristic bits with an adult John Connor that we saw in the first three Terminator flicks. Christian Bale stars and I think that alone is worth the price of admission.
5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - I must admit, I never really got the X-Men in general but Wolverine was a great character who deserved his own franchise and he will no doubt be ably supported by the likes of Liev Schreiber and Danny Huston.
6. Star Trek - I'm a bit worried by the nerd factor of this list so far but I'll carry on. I'm dying to see this, mainly to see the great Zachary Quinto play Spock and hear Simon Pegg's Scottish accent.
7. Public Enemies - I LOVED The Untouchables and this sounds like a modern day version starring a mega male cast (Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, Shawn Hatosy, Rory Cochrane and Stephen Dorff). Have to see this one.
8. Whiteout - hopefully a chance to finally see an ass-kicking female cop in a movie which has an intriguing premise (Antartica's only cop has to solve a murder before winter hits in three days). Kate Beckinsale hasn't done a decent film in ages but I think this could be her comeback part.
9. Inglourious Basterds - virtually the only thing annoying me about this is the misspelt title. Why?! Otherwise, an even more fucked-up version of the Dirty Dozen directed by Tarantino sounds like something I've give up my car to see. Now. In my own private cinema with popcorn and no seat-kickers.
10. Sherlock Holmes - I love Conan Doyle and have read all the stories, so I'm really looking forward to this film. However, there is the good (Robert Downey Jnr., Rachel McAdams) and the bad (Jude Law and Guy Ritchie). I hope the good guys win out.

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