Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pitchin' Online

The reason I haven't seen more films during the opening weekend is that I'm taking part in an online pitching event organised by Fade-In magazine in the U.S. Basically you talk for up to 10 minutes to 10-13 agents/managers/producers/development execs over three days. Or seeing as I'm eight hours ahead of them, three nights - and tonight is the last one. I have 6 people left to pitch to - have done seven pitches so far since Friday and have had three no's, 2 requests for copies of my treatments and 2 maybe's. I have my fingers crossed for the rest of them!

So far the only problems have been that Skype can be a bit tricky sound-wise, especially at busy periods when it's this long-distance, Fade-In have cocked up the schedule at times and I've missed some of the Dublin Film Festival...

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