Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brain-Vomit rocks but Duplicity sucks

The Christmas movie is cracking along – I don’t know about 21 days but brain-vomiting on the page sure is productive. I guess, like most writers, my biggest problem is thinking too much before I write - well if you have to write 10 pages in a day (especially after work), you soon get cured of that!

Went to see Duplicity tonight and was sorely disappointed. This corporate spy-caper has all it needs on paper to be a sparking hit but it misfires all over the place.

Yes, Julia Roberts is on top form and should come out of her self-imposed retirement permanently. And the supporting cast are all excellent. But Clive Owen is completely wrong in what should have been George Clooney’s role and his chemistry with Roberts is non-existent. He is sarcastic and sardonic where the part calls for a schmoozer and he doesn’t the comic timing that you take for granted in someone like Clooney.

I’d advise you to do what I should have done – wait for the DVD…

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