Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Girl and her Dog....

I've finished Heartstoppers! It's a 136-page block which will need to be reviewed and seriously cut but I don't care. The worst part is over, the first draft is done....

I noticed that Wendy and Lucy is out this week so I thought I'd do a review of it based on seeing it in Austin last year. Michelle Williams plays the young drifter Wendy, who arrives in a run-down Washington town with her golden labrador Lucy.

Wendy is already perilously close to the breadline when we meet her - sleeping in her car in her threadbare clothes as she heads towards Alaska and the chance of a job in a canning factory. The events of the film quickly push her over the edge into total despair: Lucy goes missing, her car breaks down and the locals run from friendly and helpful to uncaring and malevolent. We never find out much about Wendy or what she is running from but Williams' raw and uncompromising performance more than makes up for this.

This is not a film that fills you with hope or joy but is instead a brave depiction of life on the edge of poverty. Wendy may be poor, but so are many of the people she meets and the town as a whole seems to be struggling to survive. While you will leave the cinema with unanswered questions, they are, perhaps, questions that need to be asked.

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