Thursday, April 9, 2009

Etihad have the best in-flight movies. Period.

Flew to Abu Dhabi last night - I have to just say that Etihad airlines have the best food (even in economy), the best noise-cancelling headsets (was even able to ignore a toddler called Suleiman who wouldn't shut up) and the best range of movies and TV shows. You can pick from about 30 new releases and about another 30 old films, not to mention dozens of TV shows. You can even watch Bollywood movies!

I watched Boiler Room, a rather lame movie I'd never seen the end of, and the classic Rebel Without a Cause. I'd never seen Rebel all the way through. What really hits you when you see it is how incredibly influential it was. Everything about James Dean's performance, from his voice to his dress sense, has been copied so many times - and not just in other movies (music videos, fashion shoots etc etc). I personally think Robert Attinson is ripping off Dean's image at the moment in the Twilight movies (the quiff, the moody attitude). And leaving aside Dean completely, other elements of the film like the disaffected teens, the one sympathetic cop, the chicken race - are all now movie staples.

But the biggest shock - Dennis Hopper as one of the bad guy's gang! 18-year-old Dennis Hopper! Really weird to begin with but he was brilliant even then.

Can't wait til the return flight - that is how much of a movie nerd I am....

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