Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Hangover staggers into view...

Sometimes you want to go and see something just because it’s funny. Not clever, not ironic, just laugh til you drop funny. The Hangover is one of those films.

I don’t know how someone didn’t think of this before: a bunch of guys wake up after a stag night and find that they’ve lost the groom. There’s the incredibly henpecked Stu, the groom’s irresponsible school friend Phil and his insane future brother in law Alan. The guys go to Vegas with differing aims: some to get wasted, others to have a good time and some just want to survive the night. They start the night by doing shots on the hotel roof and then… that’s it until they wake up the next morning with the hangover from hell, a trashed hotel room, no memories of the night before and no sign of the groom. With the anxious bride ringing them non-stop, the guys lurch around trying to follow clues and figure out what on earth they got up to in the previous 12 hours.

The jokes come thick and fast with some great scenes like the one where the police decide to use the hapless trio for a Taser demo and where Alan decides to put his card-counting skills to good use…

The only actor out of the quartet that I remotely recognised was Bradley Cooper, who’s managed to appear in a large number of big films without ever becoming a star. Well, it might happen with this one. Having said that, the person who completely steals this film from his first frame is the astonishing Zach Galifianakis who lumbers around doing his own thing and being hilarious with it.

Go and see The Hangover if you have one and I can guarantee the laughs will cure it.

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