Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sci-Fi sequels - characters and casting

Finally saw Wolverine last night and enjoyed it. I can see why it’s gotten some flack from reviewers – director Gavin Hood is not as comfortable with this material as Bryan Singer and it does tend to lurch from one fight scene to another. But Live Schreiber is great as Wolverine’s more vicious brother and Danny Huston ably fits into Brian Cox’s shoes as the future arch-villain. Plus Hugh Jackman is always watchable as Wolverine and has a pleasing habit of walking around half-naked/in a vest - so I couldn’t complain.

The only irritating thing is the way they’ve handled the Deadpool character. Ryan Reynolds is excellent as the wisecracking Wade Wilson but he’s only on screen for about ten minutes at the start and then disappears until the last ten minutes, by which time he’s a mute zombie fighter. Then he gets killed. And that’s it! Let’s hope those rumours of a spin-off Deadpool movie are true because the character deserves better than this.

Talking of sequels, can I just say that I think casting Christian Bale as John Connor in the new Terminator flick was a big mistake. I’ve watched Terminators 2 and 3 over the last few weeks on TV and it’s striking that in both cases they cast a non-star as Connor. I always saw him as an ordinary guy who has greatness thrust on him – and Nick Stahl in particular did a great job of portraying that in T3. IMO they should have been brave and continued with Stahl in this one, rather than going with a star just because it’s Christian Bale. Mind you, it doesn’t help that the director is McG rather than the great JC….

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