Thursday, June 25, 2009

Speed script-writing, plus Public Enemies’ killer cast…

Having tried the “writing a script in 21 days” thing with a Christmas movie and having good results – thirty days rather than twenty one but definitely the easiest scriptwriting process ever – I’m trying it again with a comedy flick. There’s something to the idea : rather than thinking things out AT ALL, you just write like a person possessed and let it flow. The weird thing is that the stuff you come up with using this method tends to be much better and more original than usual – it’s like you know at the back of your mind how the script should really be and this method lets you release it. If that doesn’t sound too New Ager!

I can’t wait to see Public Enemies, which has to have one of the best male casts in years. There’s Johnny Depp and Christian Bale of course, but also Billy Crudup, James Russo, Giovanni Ribisi and Shawn Hatosy, to name but a few. Stephen Graham, the English actor playing Baby Face Nelson, is up next playing Al Capone opposite Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire, a TV series about the birth of Atlantic city as a casino town. Definitely one to watch.

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