Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waiting for Eric- Eric Cantona that is....

I really wanted to see The Hangover tonight but somehow we ended up going to see Waiting for Eric instead. This would have been okay except the usher in the cinema insisted on everyone sitting right at the back (even though the front had loads of empty seats) and we were sat next to a man with the most annoying laugh in Ireland. Just to emphasise how toe-curling his laugh was, he would pound on the arm rest with his fist every time he found something funny.

And the film ain’t THAT funny. This is Ken Loach so the whole thing is full of decent working-class types and heartwarming scenes of male camaraderie. Eric Bishop is a depressed postman who left the love of his life (his ex-wife) years before and now lives with his out of control teenage stepsons and babysits his daughter’s baby while she attends college. Got all that? Oh yeah, and after smoking spliffs he gets life advice from Eric Cantona. I did want to like Eric and his attempts to win back his ex-wife, but I just didn’t care that much. Their story seemed a bit clichéd and that’s taking into account that the subplot contains the most clichéd gangsters I’ve ever seen on film. The best characters are his cheerful and kindly workmates, who he doesn’t even seem to appreciate that much.

The main hook for the film, of course, is Cantona – who’s basically playing himself. It’s a neat trick but one which barely sustains a wafer-thin plot, let alone one stretched across a two-hour movie. This is a pleasant movie but not one that will set your world on fire. Annoying Laugh Man obviously loved it, though so what do I know!

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Martin said...

Well, you don't know the name of the film!