Monday, July 6, 2009

3-D - Three times the fun?

I finally lost my 3D virginity on Saturday night and saw Ice Age 3D in a flickhouse on Leicester Square. This was a surprisingly late show at 10.30pm with a liquored-up audience all sporting very fancy 3D glasses. My companion and I were not exactly sober ourselves, having just thrown a large measure of Sauvignon down our throats along with some odd food around the corner in Chinatown.

Anyway, it was a rowdy crowd and everyone laughed at every one of the jokes, which came along every few seconds. Star of the show was Simon Pegg as a weasel called Buck - overall I highly recommend this film if the weather breaks and you have some kids to entertain. Or if you're pissed and fancy seeing something funny.

The only 3D film I'd seen before (without the glasses so it didn't count) was Jaws 3D, a truly terrible film not saved by the 3D gimmick. This time the filmmakers had the sense to use the technology to enhance an already entertaining film - a much better experience all round. Would-be 3D users, watch and learn....

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