Friday, July 24, 2009

The Proposal – Fun but no Pretty Woman!

It seems like we have a rom-com every three months or so. And they range from (IMHO) brilliant – 27 Dresses – to okay (I didn’t much care for He’s Just Not That Into You).

Latest on the assembly line is The Proposal, where publishing boss from hell Sandra Bullock terrorises her office colleagues, among them her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). Bullock’s character Margaret doesn’t exactly play to her strengths as a comedic actress, being a ruthless career woman with no people skills whatsoever. However, Margaret is very good at her job, so when her bosses discover that she is Canadian and about to be deported – having ignored letters from immigration officials – they are seriously upset. In desperation, Margaret hits on the first way out of trouble: she can marry her American assistant Andrew and get citizenship that way. Andrew gets no say in this whatsoever, but he soon sees his opportunity to get the promotion he’s been seeking for years and reluctantly agrees to play along. The scene is set for the sparring twosome to visit Andrew’s parents – in Alaska – and break the news of the engagement.

Do you think they end up falling in love? Could they, just possibly, fight a lot in the meantime? Does James Brown get down?

Despite being mucho formulaic, I enjoyed Reynold’s snarky performance and Sandra Bullock proved, yet again, that she’s the queen of rom-coms. There’s the added pleasure of veteran character actors Mary Steenburgen and Betty White as Andrew’s mother and grandmother respectively. And my female audience was highly appreciative of Ryan Reynold’s willingness to get his kit off, repeatedly….

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