Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm committing something to celluloid!

I've always wanted to see my work up on the big screen and now it looks like I might just get my chance! I entered a competition a few weeks organised by the good folk at the Darklight festival. This is a film and animation festival taking place in Dublin in October, which I highly recommend that you check out.

They asked you to submit an idea for a short set at the fictional Hotel Darklight, which was a sort of Twilight Zone-type place where anything could happen. I submitted two ideas, one of which was set in a fancy hotel restaurant and involved wealthy diners being fed some unpleasant crap masquerading as haut cuisine...

Anyway, they liked it and (hopefully, all going well), it's getting made as part of a segment of about 10 other 3-minute movies set at the Hotel. I have to meet up with the other writers some time over the next few weeks and also get partnered with a director. 

So far I have no experience of working on a movie so it will one huge learning curve. But I can't flipping wait...

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