Friday, August 21, 2009

Times may be hard but IFTA is opening up....

Recession wonders will never cease! Up to yesterday, I would have said that becoming a member of the Irish Film and Television Academy was quite hard. You had to have some film credits AND get some industry referrals.

But I had an unexpected phone call from a guy at IFTA asking me if I wanted to join, unproduced writer or not. I wondered how he got my number – I think they pillaged the IPSG’s mailing list.

He said they were looking for more writer members, but with things being as they are financially, he could well have meant more members in general. Organisations need longer membership lists right now to justify their existence!

Well anyway, I coughed up my €100. For that, I apparently get to go to some free screenings AND vote for awards in next year’s IFTAs. Bargainous! I wonder will they let me go to the ceremony and quaff some free champers as well??

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