Friday, August 7, 2009

What's in a Title?

What’s in a title? A lot when it comes to scripts!

I’ve found that every time I’ve completed a treatment and started writing a script without a title I’m happy with, the final result has been a disaster. Having a good title from the start seems to be a vital confidence booster, proof if you will that the script already exists and just needs to be written.

This is also true of loglines. If you can’t easily summarise your script in a logline after you’ve finished the treatment, it often means there’s something rotten in the idea, something overcomplicated that will be hard to pitch. I’m not saying everything has to be high-concept, but people shouldn’t start napping when you try to explain what your script is about!

I’ve learned this already the hard way: a good title and a snappy logline, and you’re halfway there….

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