Monday, September 21, 2009

Hotel Darklight Premiere

The premiere of Hotel Darklight, a film comprising 12 shorts (including, all going well, mine!) will be on Saturday, 10th October at 9.30pm at the Light House cinema in Smithfield. Tickets are free and more details can be found at the official Darklight festival site or at the Hotel Darklight blog.

I'm very excited about this as it'll be the first time anything I've written will be up on the big screen. Plus it'll be great to see what the other writers have come up with. All of the scripts are set around the hotel on one night and my one, Give My Regards to the Chef, is set in the kitchen. It's based on my experience of being an office temp in a 5 star hotel in London and seeing some really horrible but entertaining things being done to food in the kitchen.

Anyway, please tell everyone you know about this and come to the Light House on 10th October for some box-fresh new movie-making....

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