Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seeing My Name on the Big Screen

Well, Hotel Darklight arrived last night and it was worth the wait! I was still pretty nervous when I arrived at The Lighthouse last night, despite the fact that my family and friends had promised to say nice things whatever it was like. And the fact that several people who'd seen it had said the whole film looked great. Call me a big worry bug. 

I needn't have worried because the Darklight team shot eleven great shorts - and then did an even better job of putting them all together into a coherent piece. It's a sign of how anticipated it was that they ended up having two simultaneous screenings - one at The Lighthouse and one at The Cobblestone.

My short, My Regards to the Chef, was about three quarters way through and scarily, I am visible eating at one of the tables! Luckily hidden behind a pillar for most of it. The producer Alan Keane, who had to do one of the parts, did a great job and was as good as some of the pro actors. Everyone laughed at the bit with the psycho chef and the kitchen effects looked brilliant. So overall, I'm really happy with it. My family and friends couldn't believe what the production team had managed to do on such a zero budget and to be honest, I couldn't either. 

We decamped to the Dice Bar, but after discovering that getting a drink was going to take ten years, went to the overflow bar (Frank Ryans on Queen Street), and drank far too many vodkas.

There's hope that Hotel Darklight is going to come out on dvd - at any rate, I think Darklight are going to put the whole thing on their website. I had a great time at various Darklight events this year - the Geek Lounge was really interesting and guys, yes, you should do it once a month! The Mark Romanek interview was full of great anecdotes - the man has worked with everyone and has the CV to prove it. 

The whole thing is a real argument for why the government should be doing MORE for the arts in terms of grants etc and not cutting things like the Artists Exemption Tax. People out there want to make films, and they'll do it for nothing simply because they love movies and want to see their work up on the big screen. It's going to happen anyway, but surely the powers that be can have one less jet and give the money up for some decent script development/more cameras/wages for a short shoot?

Regardless, thanks to the whole Darklight team and roll on Darklight 2010!

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