Friday, October 9, 2009

Terror... plus some hope!

Terror has set in regarding Hotel Darklight. It’s struck me that a whole cinema of people tomorrow night are going to see it, including my little segment, and I have no clue how it looks! And worse still, I’m an extra and have no idea how visible I’m going to be! As long as there’s no extreme close-up of my mouth chewing or similar….

Tickets are available tomorrow night from 6pm and are free!

Also a story to give hope: as screenwriters, we’re always told not to write spec scripts based on existing works you don’t hold the rights to. Well, screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis enjoyed Dennis Lehane’s novel Shutter Island so much, she decided to ignore that advice and write a spec draft anyway. And Martin Scorsese liked her spec so much, he decided to make it. The film, which has an amazing cast, hits cinemas in February. Those lucky enough to live in the States and get Script magazine should know that there’s an interview with Laeta in the current issue.

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