Monday, October 5, 2009

Who to bring to my non-remake movie?

I'm starting to get worried about the ticket allocation for Hotel Darklight. The first (and probably only) screening is taking place in the Lighthouse on Saturday night. A large number of people out of my family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances seem to want to come. Even my dentist wants to come. This would be great if it was only my film and I had the Savoy to fill - as it is, there are 11 shorts, the Lighthouse theatres are pretty small and I think I might only get allocated 2-3 tickets. Why is life never simple??

But as with this whole process, this is good practice for times to come. I've heard that even on most big films, the writer only ends up with 2 or 3 tickets (whatever's in their contract) so I'm always just gonna be bringing my folks/sister/significant other/a gay male walker.

On a totally unrelated note, almost every week there's a remake out and I'm starting to wonder: are they always a bad idea? Rob Zombie's Hallowe'en remakes definitely fall into the bad idea category (anything he makes does!). I've seen the trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie and one thing is for sure - Jackie Earle Haley is nowhere near as scary as Robert Englund. On the other hand, the first Ocean's 11 movie was a disaster compared to Soderbergh's version

When I was in Austin last year, I saw a talk by two young scriptwriters who'd written a killer script and gotten hired on the back of that to rewrite The Fury. This is a film which might benefit from a remake because the old effects were pretty crummy.  I think where things don't work is where you have an original film with a brilliant twist, like Bunny Lake is Missing. Nothing's ever going to top that twist, so how is the writer going to put their stamp on it? No wonder Reese Witherspoon bailed...

Bottom line - I think you have to tread carefully with remakes, and make sure you're not ruining or diluting all the things that made the source story such a hit....

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