Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motion Capture = Terrifying Movies!

Every few years, people start talking about animation and avatars and how they're eventually going to lead to actual human actors to being phased out. Well, based on what I've seen up to this point, I think the thesps can rest easy for a while longer. 

Doing an animated film is one thing but the thing that drives me mad are these motion capture movies, as beloved by Robert Zemeckis. He seems to be addicted to taking perfectly adequate stories that would work well as animation or live action and instead inflicting MC on them. The result? Dead-eyes ghosts that flit across the screen, barely raising a single emotion or feeling apart from skin-crawling discomfort. 

Remember that scene in Toy Story 2 with Sarah McLachlan's song and Jessie's owner giving her up that made everyone cry? The one I still cry at every time I see it? Never going to do that with anything involving motion capture. 

Someone I said this to brought up the examples of 300 or Sin City - but those movies involved a colouring process rather than MC - it was still recognisably real actors (with real, human eyes!). The eyes are like something out of a horror movie....

Mr. Zemeckis, I'm making an appeal. As a fan, please just drop the motion capture and make Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 already.  Or better yet, Back to the Future 4.

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