Monday, November 16, 2009

The Power of Low Expectations

We're taught to expect the best - but is this really a good idea? It's an idea that's been preying on my mind since I got back from Texas, thanks to a piece of good advice I heard on the opening day of the festival. Go into this expecting nothing. At the time I thought this was a bit negative, having all sorts of selling-scripts-and-getting-an-agent ideas in mind, but I took it on board anyway and banished all these big ideas from my brain.

The result? A totally enjoyable, chilled-out festival with no hard-sells, no major disappointments, but a Rolodex-full of business cards, good advice and excellent memories. And I've stuck to it since I got back. No more dreaming about making quick sales and always thinking of the future, the future, the future. I'm learning to enjoy the present and realise that it's going to be a long road to seeing Writer - Eilis Mernagh on the big screen, so I might as well enjoy the journey. 

P.S. - this works for other areas of life too. Go on a night out thinking you're going to meet an Eric Bana lookalike (I seem to be alone in this but he's my Brad Pitt..) and get married and you are going to go home all fed up. Ditto if you're a guy and you won't settle for less than Jessica Alba with a sense of humour. But go out to have a laugh and trust me, you will. 

Embrace your low expectations and you shalt not be disappointed. There's a self-help book in this....

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Brett said...

Good point to have seized upon (though I'm pretty sure I know from whom you'll claim this wisdom issued, and I am loathe to give her any public credit or praise as her ego already is on a crash diet...), but I'll suggest that it isn't as important to go in "WITH low expectations" as it is to go in WITHOUT ludicrously inflated expectations.

I always go to AFF expecting to meet some friends and have a lot of fun, and on that score I am always satisfied. If I went in with the (foolish, unrealistic, crack-fueld) notion of "here's where I will hand some stranger a script and his eyes will bug and he'll sign me a two million dollar check on the spot!!!!!!!!" then, yeah, there's a good chance I'm coming home disappointed.

So it's not the *size* of the dreams that's the issue -- it's the stupidity of the dreamer that seems the real problem.
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