Saturday, December 5, 2009

Write me a cheque for 10 million dollars!

I was at my screenwriting group last night and Jim Carrey came up because of this really funny scene he did in Fun With Dick and Jane. I once heard this story about him, that before he was famous, when he was broke, he wrote himself a cheque for ten million dollars and marked it, For Services Rendered".  This was to represent the money he would make one day. Then of course, he did go on to make many times that amount - in fact he's earned 20 million dollars for one film.

Sometimes I think it helps to have a little reminder like that, that you can pull out now and again and feel inspired by. I don't know if I'd go so far as to write myself a multi-million euro cheque, but I think you have to have some ultimate goal in mind or else you've got nothing to aim for. 

So here's mine: I want to someday write a summer blockbuster. Something that's going to have people queuing around the blocks in July to see. An event movie that gets everyone excited but has a decent plot and great characters. And so goes on to make millions of dollars and make me (and the studio) happy bunnies! Now I just need to write it. And then write a lot of other movies. And network. And make compromises, and get through them and keep plugging away....

Bring on the summer of 2015!

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Good luck for the blockbuster then.