Sunday, January 24, 2010


Always Be Closing is a mantra known in many a sales office. For me, the two essential screenwriter mantras are ABW (Always Be Writing) and BOS (Bums on Seats). Yes, I said bums but you can substitute this for asses, arses, tushes, junk... whatever you want!

Always Be Writing kind of speaks for itself. You can network, market and enter an endless number of competitions, but if you don't park yourself in a seat on a regular basis and write, you'll have nothing to show for your efforts.

Bums on Seats is where I brand myself with the mainstream tag and do so unashamedly. It refers to the folks paying the bills. No, not the studios heads. And not the producers. It's the ordinary Joe Soaps who look up the cinema times on a Saturday afternoon or a Wednesday night and decide to go and spend up to fifteen quid each on a movie ticket and some snacks. What do they want to see? 

Will they read the brief description of your movie in the paper or on a website and think, "That's sounds good. Let's go and see that!". Or will they say, "Nah. Let's go and see Transformers 4". Or worse, "Let's stay in instead".  Remember, your movie has to be so good that Joe and Jane Soap are prepared to leave their house, drive to the cinema, and hand over their hard-earned cash. Make it worth their while.

ABW and BOS  - I feel like making a big banner of each and hanging it over my desk. But we're selling the house, so that might be embarrassing.... Either way, remember the golden rules. Keep writing, and bear the consumers of the end product in mind!

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