Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our movie needs you!

This is a new year and I’m starting it with a call to action.

· Have you worked on a movie before?
· Would you like to become involved with making one?
· Or have you always wanted to be a film financier?

Either way, this is your chance! I’m going to be producing a short film (15 minutes long) in mid to late February, based on a script by fellow writer Colin Scuffins. Prodigal Son is a sci-fi crime thriller set entirely in Dublin city in the near future. We are looking for help and practical, financial or emotional support will be very gratefully received. Well, the first two especially ;)

If you’re interested in becoming involved, we basically have 3 options available:

· Do you like quizzes? We will be holding a quiz in Dublin city (at least one, we may even have one northside, one southside) in early February and there will be some great prizes. All proceeds will go towards the movie. This is a zero-budget production but we still need funds for insurance, contingency and post-production costs, at the very least. Please support us by attending – and bring your friends! I’ll have a date for this quiz very soon.
· If you have experience of working on a film and would like to fulfil a role on set, email me at eilism21@hotmail.com with details of what you’d like to do. We need the following: a DoP, a soundman/woman, a lighting specialist, hair and makeup artist, a horse wrangler (yes, really), someone to do continuity, a costumer, editor, storyboard artist and as many production assistants as we can find.
Everyone who works on the film will get a screen credit and a copy of the DVD for their showreel. And you’ll get fed well. That’s about all I can promise as again, this is a zero-budget production. However, if you want to be involved and can’t do it without payment, email me anyway – all applications will be considered. We will be shooting over four days in mid to late February – again, I’ll have a firm shooting schedule soon.
· Option three – if you are shooting a movie yourself and would like help with the script or need someone to be a gopher on set, maybe we can arrange a work exchange. Again, email me and we’ll talk.
· Lastly, option four. If you are a connoisseur of the arts and would like to invest in the film, email me for details. We are happy to acknowledge your involvement in the credits. Or if you have a business and would like it to feature in the film, we can also arrange this.

Thanks in advance and remember, it’s never too late to lose your movie virginity!

P.S. If you are a doctor and would be prepared to let us shoot a scene in your surgery, let’s talk! We won’t break anything, I promise.


IonnKorr said...

Nice Blog!

Greetings from Greece!

Eilis Mernagh said...

Thanks Ionn!