Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where there's a quiz, there's a way....

The plans for the short I'm producing continue on their messy little way - but we are getting there. I've secured a venue for a quiz to raise some funds for it, which is The Mercantile on Dame Street. Quiz will be on Wednesday 3rd February at 7.30pm and my uncle Ainnle, Quizmeister extraordinaire, has agreed to host it. There will be prizes so please come and win some of them!

Exploring some other funding routes too - and the crew is starting to come together. We needto sort out one more location, which is a white room.  It has to be a stylised white room which could be a lab or hospital room, sort of like an all-white gallery space, something like that. If you know of such a place that we can use for a day, let me know!

In other news, gutted that Dennis Hopper appears to be on the way out cos I'd always hoped to meet him. Apart from being a great actor, he's a brilliant artist. The guy has embarked on a divorce at possibly the weirdest time ever in someone's life, however... 

And in other, other news, there's a rumour that the Oscars are going for THREE hosts this year. So they're not content with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin? I don't like this multiple host thing. Bring back Billy Crystal!

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