Sunday, January 17, 2010

Writers that direct, writers that produce. Writers that, um, write...

Whenever I meet other writers, be it at a festival or at a party, they always seem to fit into one of three categories. There's people who only want to write - and that's it. They're quite happy to hand the script over once it's done, and bar the inevitable rewrites, that's the end of their involvement until the premiere. 

There's the writer/directors, which make up by far the largest group in my experience. They want to make their own stuff, and their scripts have the camera directions to prove it.

And then there's the wannabe producers. They want the control of the writer/directors, but it's a different sort. They're the business-minded types who can see the big picture - literally.

So what category do you slot into? I'd say I'm in the first group, dipping my toes into the producing group. I've zero interest in directing, though - someone else can work out the camera angles and wear the truckers hat!


Ian Kementsetsidis said...

I'd say I'm in the second but I didn't have a choice anyway. I was a wannabe director and like most writers/directors I didn't have material to shoot. So I was 'forced' to write in order to have something to shoot. Eventually, I fell in love with writing so...I am a writer/director but with NO camera directions all over my screenplay!!!

It's funny but in my opinion the most common category of writers are those who don't actually write; they are thinking of writing, they are dreaming of it but they never make the effort.

Eilis Mernagh said...

Yes - these could be "writers who don't write". Good point!