Monday, February 15, 2010

From script to movie to, uh, stinker

Ever read a great script, only to see the movie and wonder what went wrong? Sometimes they mess up the casting. Sometimes it's just edited really badly. And sometimes the original screenwriter got taken off the project and a chorus line of other writers took over. Whatever happened, the promise of the original script is gone and only a car crash remains.

If you ever sit down to watch a movie and there are more than three credited writers, walk out and get on with your day. Trust me, it's going to suck. How can it be anything else, with that many voices involved? 

I've been thinking about this because I've been reading some of the Blacklist scripts and there are some great potential movies in there. Let's hope they don't get messed up and pulled apart along the way....

I'm really looking forward to the film festival now. I've written a couple of blog posts but the real blogging will start later on this week and after that I'll either be talking about movies, drinking Jameson or writing. And watching some films of course!

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Eoin said...

Thanks for the advice, I almost watched a rubbish movie the other day, but then realised it had five credited writers.

I hope I never see that awful Casablanca film ;-)