Friday, February 19, 2010

Jordan's modern fairytale opens JDIFF 2010...

My blogging for the (deep breath) Jameson Dublin International Film Festival started in earnest last night – you can check out the official blogs including mine and five others here.

The opening night movie was Ondine, one of the strangest films on paper that I’ve seen in ages. A fisherman finds a woman caught up in his trawl net – but is she real or supernatural? Has she come from the sea? Neil Jordan crafts an intriguing and affecting fairytale with great performances, particularly from Colin Farrell and his now real-life girlfriend Alicja Bachleda.

The party after in Lillies was a good laugh but no good for celeb-spotting cos all the big celebs were hidden away up in the VIP area with a gorilla guarding the door. Colin Farrell vanished in there as soon as he arrived and hopes on the part of the plebs downstairs that he might come out and mingle were dashed. Ah well, at least we had a stonking amount of Jameson to cheer us up….

In other news, work is still going on for this film I’m producing in April, Prodigal Son. We’ve got dates (8-11 April) and locations are still being sorted out. If anyone has a plush office and is willing to let us shoot a scene there, drop me a line! We also need production assistants! We raised nearly 1,200 euro thanks to people attending our fundraising quiz night a few weeks ago but I’m still raising funds. So if you’ve ever wanted to see your name on a movie’s credits, this could be your big chance! Get in touch via email or Facebook.

Right, now that I’ve reported and panhandled, I’m off for a lifesaving coffee….

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