Monday, February 8, 2010

Time to call in the pros....

So you've written a decent first draft, an alright second draft and the third and fourth ones nearly killed you.

You're now on draft five and there's still something not right about your baby. Something is rotten in the State of Courier 12 and the truth would set you free - if you only knew what the damn truth was!

What to do? You get your nearest and dearest to read it. You get your screenwriting group to read it - and they come up with some great ideas. You iron out some of the faults. Bluebirds sing,  but it's still not perfect. There's only one solution - to get a pro to read it.

I've only paid for one bit of professional coverage before; this was through The Page Awards, who operate a year-round coverage service. I have to say that they did a good job and really helped me finally get things on the right track. But I'm now thinking of paying a bit more, and getting a script consultant to take a look at a script that's defeating me and coming between me and a good night's sleep.

Has anyone out there used a script consultant before? Any good recommendations? I have a Snickers bar for the person who gives the name and email of a good 'un....

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