Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The new way to fundraise...

You have a short film you want to make - how do you raise money for it? I held a fundraising quiz in February which a lot of lovely people kindly attended, and we raised some money. Not bad but it still left us quite a bit short to shoot Prodigal Son, so I've been researching ways to raise the rest ever since.

There are still other in-person fundraisers, but another way to do it is online. That way anyone can donate a tenner, not just those free to show up at a pub in Dublin (unless you really, really want a pint of Heineken and a bag of Tayto). With that in mind, I've set up a profile of the movie on IndieGoGo, a great site for raising, well, indie funds. Check it out:

Other ways I've found of raising funds:

Here is a site with links to other sites that may pay you for showing your movie:

Producers of a feature called Four Eyed Monsters got a contract with Youtube to a. be the first feature to debut on Youtube and b. sell banner ad space beside it. This was quite lucrative - look at this link and scroll down:

Has anyone else come up with any internet-related ways of getting money together for a flick?

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