Monday, March 22, 2010

Supersize Me!

Reading M.C. Foley's article on the perils of the screenwriter's lifestyle (the junk food, the sedentary habits, the mid-afternoon drinking, the furtive smoking, you know the drill), I was reminded of a conversation from the Driskill Bar in Austin last October. A group of very tired screenwriters were lying around on sofas, talking. It was 3am. And a pair of very famous writers were talking about how hard it is to write and diet.

Because writing is structured around "little treats". I'll finish this page and I'll go and grab some chocolate. I'll finish this script and I'll treat myself to a really good lunch. Not to mention the fact that you're sitting on your ass all the time. Screenwriting - bad for your health?

In other news, I went to the auditions for Prodigal Son last weekend and we found some brilliant actors. Which together with the crew we've put together makes for a movie. Yay! Only one more fundraiser to do, which will take the form of a quiz next Tuesday (30th March) at The Church on Jervis Street at 8pm. There will be questions, prizes, and a great M.C. So come along!

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