Sunday, May 30, 2010

The King of counterculture is dead, long live...

Have been away from my house, my desk and my laptop for too long. But now I'm back and itching to get back to work. Movie Screenwriter has been calling. Yes, I need help. 

Work aside, very sorry to hear about Dennis Hopper's death. Whatever you think of the guy - and he annoyed a LOT of people during his lifetime - the guy was a legend. Full stop. I remember watching Rebel Without a Cause on a long distance flight and being struck by two things. How modern it looked, despite being made in 1955. And that Dennis Hopper was in it! With James Dean! He was also in Giant, Cool Hand Luke and True Grit, and that was when he was only getting started. A link with the golden age is gone - he'll be missed by all real movie fans.

Also, very excited about the first Indian Film Festival to hit Ireland, which will be taking place from 25th-28th June. I'll be blogging about the festival and tweeting as well. There's also a fabulous gala dinner where you can meet and mingle with Bollywood types. Check it out!

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