Monday, May 3, 2010

To conquer fear, you must... um, become fear....

I was watching Jonathan Ross' show on TV last week and American comedian Reginald D. Hunter was on. He was taking the piss out of that line from Batman Begins ("So does this mean that to conquer fat, you must become... fat?"). It was funny. And yes, that line from BB means nothing, when you look at it like that.

But conquering fear IS important. Fear is, after all, what stops us doing so many things. It's the little voice that makes years go by until you look back and see missed opportunities, timid decisions, situations we just opted, at some point, to settle for. This applies to just about every career I can think of, every life I can think of.

Including that of a screenwriter!  Now, I can't claim that this is the same for everyone, but the screenwriting-related things I have the fear for are: pitching (to anyone) and networking (I'm very hit or miss with this). I'm okay expressing my ideas in writing, but verbally, it's a different story. It doesn't help that I think faster than the capacity of human speech - and I talk pretty fast. 

So what's the answer? Well, it's fairly obvious that if you fear something, you probably need to go ahead and do that very thing. Just do it, as some adman for Nike said. Pitching is slightly easier as you can practice in advance in front of a camera (or family). To cope with networking, I recommend an excellent book called Good in a Room. As with pitching, this ultimately comes down to lots and lots of practice.  Go to lots of events and talk to lots of people. Eventually, you'll stop being a gibbering idiot.

Remember, to conquer fear, you.... just do it.


Edward said...
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Ed said...

Hi Eilis!

I enjoyed reading your blog. Honestly, I haven't conquered my dental fears yet. I haven't told it to anyone yet because it's not good to hear that a man has a dental phobia. Last Tuesday, I went to Tucson (AZ). Dentist that referred by my friend is kind and humble. My teeth are misaligned that's why I was forced to go there. When I entered the room, I felt goosebumps. Then the dentist checked my mouth, and he told me that to be able to bring back the alignment of my teeth, he will install braces. I was so pale then when he asked what's wrong with me. That then, I told my dark secret. He said that I shouldn't let my fear live longer in my life. Actually he's good in convincing because I was convinced to install braces the week after. Now, it's my 9th month having braces. Honestly, every session, my fear in dental surgery seem to be fading.