Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm pitchin on Youtube and the results are not pretty...

I saw this pitch contest on the business of show institute website a week ago and thought, that looks scary but maybe I should practice pitching. Took me this long to build up the guts to do it, but it's finito and you can view it/vote for it  here:

God, I have a newfound respect for actors and TV presenters. You have no idea how horrible your own voice can sound or how insane your hair can look until you videotape yourself. The only reason  I finally managed to do it is that I had 5 hours sleep last night and just wanted to get the whole thing  over with so I could watch NCIS L.A. Factors like my voice and whether I should brush my hair went  out the window, as did enunciation, plot, etc etc. 

Feck it, it's over bar a load of people laughing at it (and that's best case scenario).

Some idiot said we should do one thing every day that scares us - this is mine for today.... 

Click on the link, click on the likes, please! Save me from my shame!!!

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