Thursday, August 5, 2010

"You can't get hung up on what you think your "real" destination is. The journey is just as important."

That's a quote from Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, who took the famous "Afghan Girl" picture. I was at an exhibition of his incredible photographs recently and those words were printed on the wall. They really struck me because they sum up what life is all about - enjoying the journey and not focussing too much on the ultimate destination. Enjoying the process. 

This is particularly important for people involved in creative pursuits, where there is no guarantee that we will ever get paid for our work. I love writing and I hope to get paid for my scripts one day. But I can't focus on that - and I can't focus on all the negative news about the dismal spec market and the cutthroat studios either. If I can't walk upstairs after a long day's work and enjoy sitting down to write, there'll be no joy in eventually selling a screenplay. And if I can't schedule time to write now, when it's essentially a second job, how will I cope when (if?) I'm writing full-time?

It's a long journey to option fees, agents, rewrites and premieres. So enjoy every day along the day - and learn to love the process....

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