Friday, November 12, 2010

How to make development execs hate you...

My screenwriting group had a visit from two development execs last night and they talked us through their company's development process. It was a really helpful session and I'd recommend it to anyone else in a writing group. Apart from anything else, it blew away any preconceptions we might have had about development execs being faceless suits. Not so. They were very nice and approachable.

Among the useful info we gathered was a list of things that writers do to annoy production companies. So here they are - don't be the numbskull that commits any of these crimes, especially the first one...

  • Writers emailing their stuff to multiple people in multiple production companies and not using bcc. Doh!
  • Being fake and telling them they love the company’s stuff when they haven’t seen it/hated it.
  • Not formatting scripts properly.
  • Hassling them with phone calls or generally being weird.
  • Stating that the script is perfect and that there’s nothing that can be changed (leaving them nothing to work with, basically).
  • Being overly precious about their script.
  • Not being passionate enough about their script. If you don't love your script, who will?

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The Kid In The Front Row said...

Fuck the precious bit --- be precious about it! Guard your masterpieces! Bring art and heart to the world, not some whored out over-developed piece of shit! :)