Friday, November 19, 2010

The Truth? You can't handle... you know...

So here we are. If we were a company, there'd be an examiner appointed and pink slips all round. But instead we're a country, so we're just going to have to live through it instead. There's a lot of depression about and a lot of "feck it, let's get pissed".

The Spanner reckons Brian C should take us all to Tenerife with the IMF money. But maybe he should take us all to the cinema instead? A good comedy, that's what we all need.

And it's all a reminder of what we're really about here (in the movie industry, I mean). Selling distraction from everyday life, from the newspapers with our leader's deflated face plastered all over 'em. From the news stories which are really, really fucking grim.

Go to a film, forget all that for a few hours. Watch something fun/entertaining/thought provoking.

So enough of that, and onto something very big in everyone's minds right now: telling the truth. Every script has a truth, but does its writer know what it is? Are you telling your script's true story, giving us its true voice? Can you, in fact, handle its truth?

I don't know about you, but I've had the thing where I've woken up with a start and thought "Yes! That's the truth! That's it!" Maybe I'm mental.

Here's my top five list for uncovering the truth about your screenplay (Brian, take note):
1. What is it about? What's it REALLY about? Write down one word that encapsulates this.
2. Who is the main character? (This is not necessarily the person who changes the most).
3. What do they want? (This has to ring true in everyone's mind, not least yours).
4. What's the natural truth of the story? What's its natural direction? Are you sticking to this or veering off on some false path?
5. Is the ending true, or does it feel tacked on? If so, ditch it and uncover the true ending!

Remember folks, stay strong, watch movies. That's all there is.

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