Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Give yourself a pat on the back! Go on!

At the start of 2011, rather than rush headlong into resolutions, I thought I'd go over the stuff I achieved during 2010. I highly recommend that you do this, because sometimes we forget or overlook how much we've done and you can't write up a list of accurate resolutions without acknowledging your past glories.

I was feeling a bit depressed about 2010 - job moves and house renovations dominated the second half and I let a lot of writing stuff slide. But still, some stuff got done, and here's my list of those things:

· Producing my first short film (based on Colin Scuffins script Prodigal Son). This taught me a ton. It was like going to college and studying film production, except it was four months instead of four years.

· I finished At All Cost and got to second place in the StoryPros thriller category with it. This was great, especially considering it’s a very early draft.

· I got to the second round of the Kaos film writing competition with Heartstoppers, which was even more professional validation for this script.

· I got to the quarter-finals of PAGE Awards with Star on the Run.

· I wrote the short script Tiger and really intend on trying to get it made this year.

· I was chosen as an official blogger for the Dublin Film Festival and wrote blog posts during the whole festival for their website.

· I attended the Galway Film Fleadh and met loads of new contacts, including a producer that I’m currently developing a film with.

· Attended a two-day producers course with Martin Daniels in October.

That's my list, now let's see yours. This is a very non-Irish thing to do, but for once, toot your own horn! If you

don't.... no one else will ;)


Brett said...

I did nothing.

Eilis Mernagh said...

Ah you did! You must have written!