Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giving your scripts a beauty makeover...

They say you should have at least three decent scripts and ideas for several more to even embark on a career as a pro screenwriter. But how do you know if your script is even ready for the market? Is it an A-grade script or still a C-minus? The only way I know to gauge this is to read other scripts in the genre, especially produced and successful ones.

Read The Social Network (whatever your genre) and you'll start to get some idea of the standard you're up against. Actually, you'll weep. Then you'll be inspired and determined to match Mr Sorkin's standard, damn it!

I currently have four scripts that need rewrites to become beauty queens - right now they're more in the spotty, overweight category. Some of them have definite potential and just need some Atkins/benzoyl peroxide/new hair, while others need a whole rethink (liposuction, anyone?).

So my plan for the next few months is to take one script a month and rewrite hell out of it. Map out a new structure/new jokes or whatever it needs and get it done. Then I'm also going to write a new script I have (a fairly) solid idea for.

That will leave me with five scripts that are up to at least B-standard, hopefully making a good inventory for heading to L.A.

My other U.S.. prep has been chugging along. I've put about thirty possessions up for sale on ebay/gumtree and will go to a car boot sale with some of the rest over the next few weeks. I have a lot of crap so the sooner I start the better! The house is on the market and I'm praying to every deity out there and some others I've made up that it will sell. (View it here, it's really pretty!)

And I've been contacting people who've walked the walk for advice on moving to L.A. So far I've been given a list of neighbourhoods to avoid and the name of a visa lawyer. If you're reading this and you have any thoughts or tips, I want to hear 'em!

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