Monday, May 9, 2011

Waiting for Mr (or Ms) Producer...

Blog, it's been too long. In my defence, I went to NY for a week. I haven't been sat at home watching TV or anything.

I even kept up with my film education, going to see Water for Elephants (pretty bad) and Hanna (looks great but kind of pointless) while I was there. On a better note, I saw the play Born Yesterday, which was made into a film over fifty years ago with the brilliant Judy Holliday and is now a play again with the equally amazing Nina Arianda. Her Brooklyn drawl rocks.

In other news, the film people finally sent on my option agreement, which I've signed and sent back to them. They were busy getting ready for Cannes, apparently. They asked for one document to be signed by a "notary". Does anyone know if this is a common or garden lawyer, or is it a special type of one?

I'm trying not to get too excited. Things aren't really done and dusted until they've signed their bit and sent it back to me. Or really, until the film is shot, edited, playing on a TV somewhere and I have my fee plus residuals.

What I've realised is that dealing with producers is a bit like waiting for a phone call after you've been on a date or to a job interview.

Will they call? Why haven't they called? They're not going to call. Next! Except in this case, they did call. Well, emailed. But not after teasing me for the best part of a week - and that's nothing. People wait weeks, months, for producers to say yes, no or maybe.

I'll have to grow a thicker skin and get well used to waiting...

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