Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bring me the Funny (Girls)!

Just read a great interview in Script Magazine with screenwriter Stacey Harman. She pitched a script to Judd Apatow (!) after she went on a chaotic business trip with two female friends. Check it out - it's a good read not only about the process of writing but also about creating a story around something funny that happened to you.

Suddenly, women are funny. Bridesmaids blew it all out of the water - now the stars of that movie are all going on to great things. I just heard today that the scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy has been cast in ID Theft with Jason Bateman in what was originally a male role. But after Bateman saw Bridesmaids, he insisted she get the part.

There are a lot of funny people out there and now the ones with X chromosomes are getting the opportunities they deserve. But we should bear in mind what Geena Davis said recently on the 20th anniversary of Thelma and Louise:

The press predicted when this movie came out that: ‘Oh my God, now it’s been proven that female road movies or female buddy movies or whatever could be very successful and we’re going to see a whole stream of them,’ and nothing happened I mean, we really haven’t build any momentum since this movie came out.

It will be the same with female comedies unless enough talented writers and performers can keep the momentum going. Unless people continue to buy tickets in their droves to movies like Bridesmaids.

Unless the movie makers accept once and for all that women CAN be funny. And that funny = dollars = equals good business sense.

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