Monday, August 8, 2011

Super 8, um, sequence!

I can't believe it's taken me this long in my baby screenwriting career to discover sequences. As in, 8 sequences = script.

I've done up scene cards before of course, and ended up like something out of Seven with Post-Its and Index cards taped to the ceiling. But it's usually a case of working out the plot and then dumping the cards.

This time, with a rewrite I'm doing, drastic action was needed. I typed up the 70 (yes, 70) scenes and divided them into 8 sequences. Just like that, my sub-Disney opus was laid bare, with an overloaded Act 2 and a fourth sequence that went on, and on and on....

It made it easy to see what needed fixing and where the story lagged. Also, writing up your scenes in detailed fashion allows you to see which ones have enough conflict, which ones don't go far enough and which are pointless. You can't hide from the truth anymore!

I've learned my lesson - will never write another script without doing up the scenes n' sequences.

Apart from the writing, my prep for the trip to LA continues. I spent some time researching visa lawyers and ended up contacting five out of a random Google search for visa lawyer, entertainment. Preferably with an Irish connection (might as well use the green mafia). The one I picked is an Irish woman who moved to the States years ago and specialises in this stuff. She got The Coronas their US visa!

The good news for me is that she thinks I may qualify for an O1 artists visa. I've been given homework which involves finding every mention of my name in relation to film on the internet, making a list of every contact I have in the industry, thinking up who might give me a reference letter etc. And that's just the starting point.

But it will all be worth it to move into a one-bed apartment in Venice Beach and launch my 1990 Honda Accord at the freeway on my way to the Paramount mailroom. Bring it on!

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