Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas miracle!

Christmas has truly arrived because I now have a job. It's a temp job but still. My household can now pay its bills.

To celebrate this fabulous event, I thought I'd do a recap of my favourite Christmas flicks. I did one last year where I lamented the absence of Christmas movies at the cinema. Well, this year we have Arthur Christmas.... and that's about it.

But if that doesn't float your boat, there's these great options, all available to rent at your local video store or pirate online.

Elf - Great idea (a real elf forced to work with department store elves while searching for his father) and one of Will Ferrell's best performances. Also a brilliant take-off of It's a Wonderful Life's suicide-on-the-bridge scene. This is one of those films that you knew was a future Christmas classic as soon as you saw it.

Gremlins - The bit where Kate tells Billy what happened to her father on Christmas Eve scarred me as a kid - and for that reason, this film about furry little monsters wrecking a town's Christmas will always have a place in my heart. If you want to terrify a child for life, rent Gremlins. You'll love it!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I’ve seen this practically every Christmas I can remember and it’s still funny. Not clever, mature or sophisticated. Just big laughs, and they keep coming. My favourite scene is the bit where Chevy Chase tries to figure out why his stupendous outdoor lights aren't working…

Scrooged – Bill Murray when he was the funniest man on screen, playing miserly television executive Frank Cross. This is a brilliant updating of the Dickens story with a truly dislikeable hero and a great supporting cast.

Home Alone – A John Hughes holiday movie with an underrated script, this film skirts a lot of potentially dark issues. A child left alone for Christmas, being terrorised by two creepy burglars? My mom practically cries with laughter at the bit where Joe Pesci tries to make it up a frozen set of steps and I don’t blame her. This is Macauley Culkin’s finest hour.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Again, a film which on the surface is loaded with sadness. A depressed man decides to throw himself off a bridge, only to see the effect his life has really had on others. Yet it’s one of the most heartwarming films ever made. Anyone who isn't touched by the scene where George Bailey runs through the snowy streets of Bedford Falls has a heart of stone.

Miracle on 34th Street – I don’t mind which version it is, this is a lovely film with a great story. Can we prove there really is a Santa! This is one film that always makes me choke up. Yes, I am a girl.

Happy Christmas and happy movie-watching!

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