Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Allowing your characters to drive the plot....

The pre-pre-production prep for Tiger is rattling on - I'm going to see a possible location this Thursday evening with the director and the DoP. We've cast one of the child roles and have a few leads on some female teenagers who could do the other role.

The fundraising quiz has been organised, as has the networking party at Four Dame Lane on 2nd February. So now it's just a case of getting some prizes together - and hoping and praying that enough people show up to both events!

Apart from all that, I'm in the middle of a fairly extensive rewrite. So extensive that I've thrown out most of the original script and am starting with a semi-blank page. Now, I knew how the new script would start, and how it would end. But I had no idea what was to happen in between!

My tactic - and this is the only way I know, but I'm open to other people's ideas - was to try to identify a possible mid-point for each of the main characters, and then work on getting them from the start to the middle and from the middle to the end of the script.

Also, it helps to put yourself in the shoes of each of the characters and ask: what would they do next? How would they feel and react about the situation they find themselves in? This will help drive the plot, which should be coming about at least partly because of the characters' decisions and their personalities anyway.

If you get lost, ask your characters. They'll know which way to go!

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