Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Watching your short film go from page to screen...

Today we finished shooting Tiger, the short script I've been wanting to see on the big screen for so long. Well not for much longer!

We had a great two-day shoot at a house on Mary Ward's farm in Co. Dublin. The whole thing went really smoothly - we only worked two reasonable-length days, everyone got paid and I have great hopes for how the rough cut will look, let alone the final edit. Thanks to all the lovely cast and crew!

We've shot the movie on some money we raised through a quiz and a networking party (about half of the production budget), and the director and myself funded the rest of the production ourselves.

But we've still got to get Tiger through post production and get it to festivals! So I've set up a Fundit page (trailer to follow) to raise the rest of the money, as well as approaching some corporate sponsors. I'll report back on how we do - if we raise another 1,500 euro we'll have enough to really get the film out there and put on a premiere screening.

Apart from getting the film made, it's been really interesting to explore different funding methods and seeing which ones work best (for example, the quiz raised a lot of money. Raffles are a goldmine).

In terms of producing the film, I had some experience from producing Prodigal Son to draw on, but it also helped that Tiger was a very simple film to shoot and didn't require a big cast or crew.

Writing is great - yes, it's solitary and can be frustrating but I love it. But seeing your work come to life... nothing beats watching something you've written getting filmed.

And I'm looking forward to having a lot more days like that in future...

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