Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Preparing for the big trip....

My last post got reprinted on Film Ireland's website and caused a fair bit of debate. I had complete strangers contacting me on Twitter/Facebook/by email to say that they agreed with my comments and other people telling me that they thought I was wrong/misinformed about the symbolism of tampons/just plain mean. I also got my very own anonymous internet troll. So in other words, it was a proper debate! Thanks to Mark O'Connor for writing the manifesto that sparked the whole thing off.

In other news, I have just five more days standing between me and L.A. And according to the lovely lady whose apartment I'm renting, 39 degrees of heat. For an Irish person, this is like going to live in a sauna. Anyway, I found a great place to stay for the first 3 weeks. It's in West Hollywood and the best part is, it has a pool! Plus my landlord is Tony Bennett's godson!

I've been trying to develop at least some sort of plan for what I'm going to do when I get there. Otherwise I might get to Hollywood and go into some sort of catatonic panic. This is, after all, the first time since I was 23 that I haven't had a job and therefore a schedule. So here is my (very loose) initial plan:

Days 1-3 - recover from jet lag, buy a mobile phone (or cell phone as I'll have to start calling them) and start to contact people I know in L.A..

First week - Explore neighbourhood, polish the 3 scripts that I mainly want to sell/use as samples, meet lots more people, attend a Brits in L.A. breakfast (which sounds great - breakfast and talking. What more do you want?), visit the Writers Guild offices and the Film Board office and start coming up with a list of agents/managers to contact.

Second week - Follow Doug Richardson's excellent advice on contacting agents and get cracking on getting repped. Plus I want to finish polishing my 3 main scripts and keep on networking.

That's as far as I've got! I guess I'll know more about what's possible/achievable once I've been there for a while so the above plan is very much subject to change. But it's important to have goals, and at the end of the day I've only got 12 weeks during this trip to achieve a as much as possible.

As ever, if you've done an exploratory trip to L.A. yourself or lived there for a while, I'd appreciate any advice you can offer!


Siobhán said...

Handy tip for the heat: If you don't have aircon leave your blinds & windows closed all day, so you're not letting that heat in. Only have them opened at night when it's cooler. Some Aussie neighbours gave us that piece of advice when we were sweltering in 40+.

eilism said...

Good advice - thanks Siobhan!